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Barack Obama
"Lincoln Sells Out Slaves"
by: Rob Kailey - Sep 13
If You Haven't Seen This
by: Rob Kailey - Apr 28
Impeach the President?
by: Rob Kailey - Mar 16
It's the system, stupid!
by: Jay Stevens - Oct 24


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Rob Kailey is a working schmuck with no ties or affiliations to any governmental or political organizations, save those of sympathy.

Israel Palestine Presentation at Library

by: Carla Augustad

Mon Apr 14, 2014 at 13:32:46 PM MST

Israel Palestine 1946-2005 

Life Goes On – Three Months in a Palestinian Village in the Galilee Tuesday April 15, 7:00 p.m. Meeting room, Imagine If Library 247 1st Ave, East, Kalispell In 1967 Father Elias Chacour began a project to improve educational opportunities for the Palestinian, or Arab population of the small village of Ibillin, in the Galilee region of Israel. In the years since that time he has helped establish an outstanding group of educational institutions, the Mar Elias Schools, ranging from preschool to 12th grade, and drawing students from many villages and cities in the Western Galilee region. Sam and Ruth Neff have just spent three months volunteering at the schools, They will present an account of their experiences in Ibillin and in other parts of Israel and Palestine during this interesting time in the Middle East.


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Day 41, Let Us Talk About It

by: Carla Augustad

Thu Mar 20, 2014 at 23:04:42 PM MST

 I believe that responsibility for the young Mr. Klundt's terrorization of Susan Cahill should include the leadership of the pro-life community.

 Floyd In Kalispell

 Consider this nasty bit of agitation

Floyd in Kalispell says two babies were saved from abortion. In both cases, the mothers are 16-year-old girls.

One of these young women arrived at the abortion center with her mother, her aunt and one of her mother’s friends. Inside, the girl had an ultrasound exam.

The technician was telling her that she had a “tissue growth” that they could take care of for her. At that point, the girl’s aunt snatched the sonogram printout from the technician’s hand. “Look at this ultrasound!” She said. “It’s a baby!”

“The aunt convinced the young lady that it was in her best interest to have the baby,” said Floyd. “All the ladies left the clinic and haven’t been seen since. We have heard that the young lady went to the pregnancy center with her aunt — and all is well."

It appears that Floyd accused Susan Cahill of lying in order to perform abortions without the knowledge or consent of her patients. 

  Quite a few of my trusted friends, are supportive of this movement, financial and otherwise. They will be as devastated when they realize the deception at the core of this movement as I would be if my illusions about the causes I support  were shattered.

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Susan Stories Yet Untold

by: Carla Augustad

Sun Mar 16, 2014 at 17:36:35 PM MST

I have a number of first person Susan stories that I think are very interesting to share with you including the way I chose to terminate our patient/provider relationship when I learned that she was stuck holding the cost of two of my annual exams that she could not get paid for. The rule of first things first dictates that will have to be a story for another day.  

I Stand With Susan 

 I would be down there helping her clean up the mess right now, but I am stuck in my own muck. The video reminded me how beautiful and expressive her art work was. I really loved her Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You picture.

 In the vein of doing unto others, I must confess that my heart breaks for the young Mr. Klundt. I hope that he is safe, warm, and recieves the proper nutrition for his developing brain. I also hope that we will be able to reach a level of maturity that chooses to find a way for all of our children to be safe, warm, and recieve the proper nutrition for their developing brains. I truly wish that poor child has the 'tincture of time' to come to terms with the harm he has caused.

Having no definitive knowledge what prompted the young Mr. Klunt to make the choices he did, we could easily surmise that he was culturally deprived, lacked appropriate behavior modelling, diversity of peers and an appropriate safety net that allowed him to fail and still remain safe.

 I will write more on the young Mr. Klundt later, but the law of first things first dictates that the immediate task at hand is to be supportive of Susan Cahil, her staff, her patients and her husband during this period of trauma and intimidation

I am really sorry this violence happened to them. No one deserves to be terrorized like that.


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Disaster Capitalism at Venezuela's Door Step

by: Carla Augustad

Mon Mar 03, 2014 at 03:55:47 AM MST

Shock Doctrine

Oh my, it seems that Venezuela's economy is not good. There have also been some serious disruptions to the food supply.



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Fun and Games

by: Carla Augustad

Tue Feb 25, 2014 at 03:17:35 AM MST


heartbreakingOkay kids, count the domestic disturbances on this page then try to count the murders on this page (where I snatched the graphic). Got it?

Now do your very best to forget that we haven't heard much, if anything about Baucus fast tracking the Trans Pacific Partnership through the Senate shortly before his ambassadorial confirmation  and statewide victory lap while you decide if the story about Taco Bell's menu (NPR covered it, too) or the story about the partisan squabbling governors featured in the AP's rotating video file will have the biggest impact on your own life.

 Of course it is a very difficult decision to make, but do you think the previous sentence should be longer?

yes or no.  

Rob, is this worthy of a poll on the sidebar? 

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Watch Gianforte's Many Gigs

by: Carla Augustad

Thu Feb 13, 2014 at 03:41:46 AM MST

It ias too late or early to dig into this now, but Greg Gianforte will be presenting with the U of M's BBER Patrick Barkley during the $80.00 a plate lunchion at the Hilton this Friday , Valentines Day, at noon. Their story is that the economy is good and getting better.

 Point for point, they are clearly mistaken or something.

  Notice this also from KALS, our 'Network of Praise'!

As KALS radio makes the important transition to being a 100% commercial-free radio station the Gianforte Family Foundation has provided a $45,000 match challenge...challenging all KALS listeners to join them in supporting the ministry of KALS and Your Network of Praise! Please pray abut helping us to meet this match challenge which is underway now through February 19th!  For many years KALS radio was funded through the sale of commercial advertising. In recent years, though, it became increasingly difficult to properly accomplish our ministry goals while devoting so much time to airing commercials and so much staff time to all of the work that went into the commercial operations.  In 2013, we began to feel God's leading to devote all of our airtime, and all of our staff time, to our primary purpose... proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ through radio. In order to do this, our management and board felt it was important that KALS become a 100% commercial-free, listener-supported radio ministry. As we make this very important step forward in the ministry of KALS & Your Network of Praise, your help is very important! Would you pray about joining us in ministry, and PLEDGE NOW towards this important match challenge today?

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Senator Mcullough vs Dollars = Democracy, ?

by: Carla Augustad

Sat Feb 01, 2014 at 19:17:38 PM MST

 Walsh, Mcullogh, Bollinger, and?


I had this conversation near the reception desk in the Capitol Building during the Montana Women Vote Conference in January 2013. What Bozeman's own Jan Stout and I did not consider when we discussed what we believed to be the very real possibility that Max Baucus would retire early leaving Governor Bullock in the position of appointing a successor to the Senator was the possibility that Democracy would be subverted by some invisible force in the Montana Democratic Party.

Once upon a time, a previous Montana governor who found himself in the same position was bold enough to appoint himself!

I have concerns about the Democratic Party's self selected for a number of reasons, one of them is that they are seeming to rely on data points rather than doing the actual work of building relationships and being responsive to the wants and needs of real people. It would not surprise me a bit if someone were to report the discovery of wind up keys in their backs.

Although the Dirk Adams campaign has been the only one to reach out for dialogue or to be available  to the public, I watched John Bollinger campaign very hard in Butte. He tried to delay his announcement until he had party approval, approval that obviously never came.  Story is that he wasn't the only one, but no approval=no donors. I took the opportunity to meet his beautiful wife while I observed him quizzing some gentlemen about the possibilities for bio-fuels and green energy for Montana's economic development on the lawn after the lunch break.

Yes, I saw John Walsh/ Barrett Kaiser there also. I don't believe that John has very much experience or understanding of life outside outside of the military, therefore it is my opinion that he is not a good choice for this era we are living in because of that.

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Dirk Adams: Why I'm a Democrat

by: DirkAdams

Fri Jan 24, 2014 at 08:43:15 AM MST

( - promoted by Rob Kailey)

Who am I? I'm a Montana rancher and Democrat who wants to be the next U.S. senator from Montana.  I'm the dark horse running for the open seat to replace Max Baucus, and I'm reaching out to Montanans across the state. Find out more about my campaign here at my website, if you're curious. Join our email list or follow on social media to hear more from me and the campaign.

I'm a Democrat. I'm proud of being a Democrat.  My grandparents lived in the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression; they were Democrats. My mother opened the first family planning clinic in East Texas; she was a Democrat. Lyndon Johnson passed the Voting Rights Act; he was a Democrat. I'm a Democrat because I believe there are some things that have to be done by the federal government, like taking care of the generations that took care of us. And because I believe that the government should stay out of our love lives, our doctor's offices and our gun cabinets.

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Chatty New Year!

by: Carla Augustad

Mon Jan 06, 2014 at 06:16:57 AM MST


To celebrate the beginning of 2014, I will let you in on a little secret and to keep this post on top for a while. The posts on this site have been put here to read in a linear fashion going backwards- most of my previous posts tie in together somehow or another. Some of them were written on unfamiliar borrowed equipment, some have been written on creaky over tired equipment and some were just written when I was just creaky and over tired myself.

I often wish that I could just forget about politics and go about my life, but the stakes are too high for that. What drives me more than anything is the desire for my grandchildren to be able to live on an Earth that is capable of supporting life and the expected 10 billion people this planet is expected to stabilize at. I want them to be healthy and educated and free to discover their own dreams and desires free of hunger or the fear of it in a world that is willing to accept that as the birth right of all children and other people, too.

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Will a Democrat Aim For Laurel This Year?

by: Carla Augustad

Mon Jan 06, 2014 at 04:23:36 AM MST

The Democratic Party has almost no party infrastructure in Yellowstone County, so it wouldn't be surprising if this Ricci- whoever he is-takes Krayton Kerns' place without a challenge. From the Laurel Outlook's Best of August 2013.

Laurel businessman Vince Ricci announced his intention to run for the state representative seat being vacated by Rep. Krayton Kerns (R), who is term limited in 2014. Ricci filed as a Republican. “Just as I've worked hard at business, I promise to do the same serving the people of Laurel and the surrounding area,” Ricci said. “I am trustworthy, fair, and faithful to use the resources you, the constituents, provide in a responsible and accountable way.”

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