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Rob Kailey is a working schmuck with no ties or affiliations to any governmental or political organizations, save those of sympathy.

No Sh1t, There I was in the Congo ...

by: Rob Kailey

Fri Aug 19, 2011 at 15:07:31 PM MST

I must be on the worst of email lists.  I received one today describing how the Kenyon socialist hidden-Muslim Oreo President will use his Chicago thugs to kill Associate Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy.  He will do so, according to this authoritative source, so that the one term negro President can appoint a "communist activist judge" to replace him.  (That is an actual quote).  Such a judge will lead the fight to overturn landmark rulings like DC v. Heller and Citizens United v. FEC.  ~sigh~

JC has a terrific post up about a ground-up (double entendre totally meant) movement to amend the Constitution, overturning the ridiculous idea of 'corporate personhood'.  In truth, that was never part of the Constitution at all.  It is hard to know which is more saddening.  The idea that corporations are persons, or the notion that we need an amendment to spell the obvious outright, that corporations do not have a voice which speaks as one person.

Strangely, I agree with Dave Budge.  This probably isn't an issue that should be tackled at the city level.  Tackling it at the Missoula city level is a certain way to garner opposition from most of the rest of the state.  I disagree with Dave this much:  a city resolution might inspire a state representative to introduce the call for amendment to the Montana Legislature, a much more appropriate venue. Of course, given our current state legislature, that would be as useful as farting in the wind.  Still, the call should go forward.

Not that it will matter when the Kenyon's mob kills Justice Kennedy ...  

Rob Kailey :: No Sh1t, There I was in the Congo ...
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Corporate personhood? (0.00 / 0)
Look on the bright side.
If corporations are people, then they can be drafted for military service in the defense of their country. That's legal.
Let's draft all those military contractor firms, their board of directors and their stockholders, pay them all a private's wage and have THEM fight al Qaida, the Taliban, the Lybians, the Iranians and the Syrians. As it is now, it's mostly young people without any job opportunities and older reservists who are the ones giving their lives for our country.
Then there's eminent domain. It's quite legal to take a person's private property for public benefit -- let's get going on that too. We could rummage through the patent office and commandeer all those energy-saving ideas that have been bought up my multi-national energy firms over the years to prevent competition. Ditto for the health care industry.
And of course a criminal conviction of a person/company should mean we can put the board members in prison, for a start.


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Purely Hypothetical, of course, but - The best candidate for the Republicans for US Senate is:
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Marc Racicot
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Harris Himes
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