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Rob Kailey is a working schmuck with no ties or affiliations to any governmental or political organizations, save those of sympathy.

It ain't over until the brass band sings

by: Jay Stevens

Fri Nov 23, 2007 at 10:15:30 AM MST

The Good Guv went tried a novel approach to fundraising recently: he solicited Republican donors:

In a highly unusual move, Schweitzer is soliciting money for his 2008 re-election campaign from individuals who donated to various Republicans running for governor in 2004.

The solicitation tells exactly how much the recipient gave to a Republican gubernatorial candidate in 2004 and asks for an identical amount to be given to Schweitzer and Republican Lt. Gov. John Bohlinger's re-election campaign.

"We've been reaching out to people," Schweitzer said in a phone interview. "We only received 51 percent (actually 50.4 percent) of the vote last time. We'd like the support of most Montanans. This is a completely appropriate letter."

The Republican reaction to Schweitzer's fundraising effort was stormy, to say the least. Schweitzer's gubernatorial opponent, Roy Brown, said that "everbody...is pretty outraged about it," and Eric Iverson said "that dog don't hunt." Bob Brown had maybe the quote of the year (just ask Ed Kemmick if you doubt me):

"As far as I know, what he did is not illegal, but it is audacious, and if audacity was music, he would be a brass brand," Bob Brown said.

The funny thing is, that this is exactly the kind of stunt that's going to win Schweitzer his re-election. For one, he'll probably earn some money from the mailing - after all, there are plenty of folks who are still miffed with the state GOP over the last legislative session.

For another, the hysterical reaction from Republicans is well worth the cost. Consider: the reaction has been that Schweitzer has no right to talk or solicit donations from erstwhile Republican donors. It may comes as a shock to the GOP, but you don't own your supporters. You win them. And remember, independent voters are out there, watching.  

Jay Stevens :: It ain't over until the brass band sings
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I think the comments in the article from Bob Brown said it best........ (0.00 / 0)

If bob brown were a bird................ (0.00 / 0)
HE'D BE A TURKEY!  Sheesh.  What a joke the Pubbie party in Montana has become.  I get requests from Pubbie candidates ALL the time! 'Course, I just chuck'em.  But the thing I like about Schweitzer is that he is sooooo good at tweakin' the Pubbies!  Just when you think he's done angering them, he comes up with a NEW way to tweak their beaks!  I LOVE IT!  But again, what WOULD you expect from a Dem that pulled the ultimate political trick outa the hat.  He actually DID reach across the aisle for a  running mate! That takes narlies, folks.  And when you've got narlies as BIG as the Big Sky, well of COURSE  he's gonna outsmart bob brown just about every time!  But I'll do my part for bipartisanship.  I'm sendin' mr. brown some heartburn medicine, maybe some Tums!

The difference between Bob Brown and Scheister is CLASS (0.00 / 0)
Scheister has none and he just proved it. But then his administration and leadership style has proven that over and over, the man doesn't Govern, he railroads and relys on cheap trickery and one-ups-manship. Wonder what his next gimick is going to be, I don't think there are any more Bohlingers laying around waiting to be used by this man.

Whaaaaa? (0.00 / 0)
Hey,Inbredested, post you address and I'll send you some Tums too!  Wow! How did you get "scheister" our of "audacious"?  You see, little fella, what bob brown was doing (probably inadvertetnly) was COMPLIMENTING the Guv!  Do you even KNOW what the word "audacious" means?!  I didn't think so.  You see, audacious is defined as fearless, bold, and daring.  And these are GOOD qualities to have in a leader!  What OTHER politician actually DID reach across party lines for a running mate?  Is that audacious?  You DAMN tootin'!  So, instead bland, venal, bald little pinkish minimen that run as Pubbies, we get a REAL man in there and you people don't know how to react!  I suggest that you get yourself a dictionary, and maybe one for bob brown too, and start using words that you actually UNDERSTAND so that you don't compliment the governor when your actually trying to INSULT him!

[ Parent ]
I don't understand this comment or your disgust... (0.00 / 0)
Really, I don't think there is anything classy about anyone raising money.  As a fundraiser, it's not pretty business, even when you ask your best buddies.  Brian has a Republican running mate, and he is benefiting from that money too.  I read the letter and it was very well written.  I'm sorry but I don't see what the outrage is all about.  If Bob Brown sent the Dems a letter, the spin would be all about how he was reaching out and trying to build bridges.  Honestly, this whole class argument is just bulls*#t.  

[ Parent ]
No Brian has a Republican puppet.... (0.00 / 0)
Poor ol' John got USED big time, he cuts ribbons and kisses babies and stands around and does what he's told and collects a fat paycheck complete with benefits for his 'duties', not bad work if you can get it. John Bohlinger is a very nice man but he's being used and I think down deep in knows that now too. So don't try to peddle the bullpuckie that Scheister is so fair minded that he has a Republican on board, it ain't so. Montana law clearly states that when you run on a ticket with the Governor you run on His/Her party, therefore legally John Bohlinger is a Democrat.

[ Parent ]
Interested, you aint nuthin but a jive turkey. If this was back in my day, I'd take you toe to toe in a muthaf*kin danceoff.

Your generic baseless mischaracterizations of Governor Schweitzer are mechanical and foolish. Word you worthless shit talking honkey... it's crackers like you with your mechanical knee-jerk jive talk that make people turn-off to politics. Haters like you sit on the sideline and take puny sucker shots.

Sheeit... If this was back in my day we'd have ourselves a muthaf*kin dance off. I would put you to shame... what with my restless leg and pattended disco-dunkin funk-in-tha-trunkin bootness. Sheeit...

Interested is a Jive Turkey for real. Punk.  

[ Parent ]
The way to get a vote... (0.00 / 0)
is to ask for it.  When you campaign, you go door to door, and you ask people to vote for you.  You ask a lot of known partisans, and and some are hard core partisans, and they'll tell you--no way, no how.  Others are partisans, but they'll take your flyer, ask you a question or two, and maybe change their mind, because they like what you said, or they heard that the other candidate smoked dope in high school, or any number of reasons.  Direct mail is the "door to door" of a statewide elections.  If you don't ask them, you don't win them.  Go for, Guv--you've got NOTHING to lose, and a lot to win!

All the best


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