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Rob Kailey is a working schmuck with no ties or affiliations to any governmental or political organizations, save those of sympathy.

DailyKos Founder Tester Tweet: "Good luck getting re-elected, a--hole."

by: Matthew Koehler

Sat Dec 18, 2010 at 08:56:45 AM MST

The following article appeared today in the Washinton Examiner. - mk

DREAM Act causes ugly breakup on left
By Byron York

Markos  Moulitsas, the influential founder of the lefty website DailyKos, used  to love Montana Democratic Sen. Jon Tester.  Starting back in December  2004, when Moulitsas first praised Tester, then a farmer-turned-state-legislator, as a Democrat who  "naturally speaks the language of rural America," the DailyKos has  portrayed Tester as the cutting edge of a movement by which once  deep-red western states would become swing states and then, perhaps,  permanently blue.

In June 2006, Moulitsas was rhapsodic when Tester won the Democratic  primary to challenge then-Sen. Conrad Burns.  "What a great night,"  Moulitsas wrote.   "Not only did the best Democrat win, but so did Conrad Burns' worst  nightmare. Say hello to the next Senator from the great state of  Montana."  Electing Tester and other favored progressives would create  "a whole new ballgame in Washington DC," Moulitsas added.  "Let's do  everything we can to make it happen."

Moulitsas certainly did his part, promoting the Tester campaign -- "This is the future face of the Democratic Party," he swooned -- and contributing $1,500 to Tester in October 2006.  When Tester defeated Burns, part of a Democratic wave that took over the Senate and House that year, Moulitsas was ecstatic.

Now that's all a bitter memory.  On Capitol Hill, Democrats are using  the lame-duck session to try to ram through some key unfinished parts  of their agenda.  Among them is the DREAM Act immigration bill, a  favorite of Moulitsas'.  And on Friday, Jon Tester, once the darling of  DailyKos, announced that he will vote against it.

Moulitsas' reaction was swift and furious.  "Jon Tester to vote against DREAM," Moulitsas tweeted Friday night.  "Good luck getting re-elected, a--hole."  Moulitsas  began re-tweeting negative comments about Tester -- one said, "Sen.  Tester's active misrepresentation of DREAM act isn't just burning his  bridges, it's going at them with a blowtorch."  And then Moulitsas added  his own final remark: "Anyone who votes to punish innocent kids is a de  facto a--hole."

The DREAM Act isn't the only cause of the breach; just a couple of  days before, Tester voted to extend all the Bush tax cuts.  But there's  no doubt the love affair is over.  When Tester runs for re-election in  2012, he'll have to do it without some of his most passionate supporters from 2006.
Matthew Koehler :: DailyKos Founder Tester Tweet: "Good luck getting re-elected, a--hole."
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This just posted at Daily Kos (0.00 / 0)

Jon Tester and the DREAM Act
by kos
Sat Dec 18, 2010 at 10:36:03 AM PST

There are Democrats I expect to be assholes. I never thought Jon Tester would be among them.

Anybody who votes to punish innocent kids is an asshole. Plain and simple. And while I expect it from Democrats like Ben Nelson and C-Street denizen Mark Pryor, I honestly thought Jon Tester was different. I was wrong. I am now embarrassed that I worked so hard to help get him elected in 2006. I feel personally betrayed.

Not only will I do absolutely nothing to help his reelection bid, but I will take every opportunity I get to remind people that he is so morally bankrupt that he'll try to score political points off the backs of innocent kids who want to go to college or serve their country in the military.

To me, he is the Blanche Lincoln of 2012 -- the Democrat I will most be happy to see go down in defeat. And he will. Nothing guarantees a Republican victory more than trying to pretend to be one of them.

Tester (0.00 / 0)

Looks like Testers been reading my blog posts, and is going to do a 'Max' for the next 24 months.

It's a safe political strategy for him, because Max has been rear-ending the far left of his party for decades and they keep renominating him, even as they grumble about him.

What makes you think (0.00 / 0)
that the far left voted for Max in the primaries?

Or in the general, for that matter...???

And getting rear-ended by Max? I don't know any lefties that've been willing to bend over for him for a long time... So he's not BF'ing them any more than Rehberg is. Which is to say, not at all, because the left knows what to expect from him.

[ Parent ]
Just because (0.00 / 0)

The Dems on the far-left are still Dems, and the Dems as a whole don't have the backbone to toss out their DINO's.

Max knows it, Tester knows it too.

If they have a 'D' behind their name, they'll get your vote. If they torque you off, you might stay home on election day, but they know you won't vote for a conservative.

Goes to show (0.00 / 0)
what little you know.

There's a whole bunch of far left independents (and their numbers are increasing as the dem party keeps sliding to the right). Not everybody on the left is a democrat.

"If they have a 'D' behind their name, they'll get your vote."

No, they won't. Not automatically. And there's a whole lot of democrats--from the right to the left--that have a big problem with that. It's called taking votes for granted. And it's taken down many a candidate in the past, and will do so again in the future. Moving to the center to grab moderate independent votes invariably results in a loss of votes on the far left. It's what we see happening with Obama right now. His equation for '12 depends on the net votes he gets with his triangulation.

Likewise, Tester is betting that he needs to move to the right to pick up moderate indies to replace his disintegrating far left support. The far left in MOntana likes to dump the incumbent, whomever it is, if they perceive that person is corrupt, untrustworthy, or hypocritical. The far left is as principle-driven as the far right is. It's just that the principles are most often polar opposite; seldom aligning.

Of course, you don't have to see that, because it doesn't fit your world view. But no matter. Self-deception is a good  place for righty ideologues to hang out.

[ Parent ]
For what it's worth... (0.00 / 0)
In my 15 years in MT, I've never voted for Baucus and never will. With my friends I've always advocated a "leave it blank" approach.  However, last time Max was up for re-election I did vote eyebrows over highbrows. In fact, the past few election cycles, my ballot has had some D's, an R, an L and a few blank spots.  

[ Parent ]
Tester and DREAM (0.00 / 0)
I,too, would like to see a more reliably liberal MT senator. But remember that this is Montana.  Not exactly the bluest of states.  Tester is mostly reliable and, remember, folks-he has to get reelected.  His election in 2006 was a real squeaker.  We need to remember that this vote wasn't decisive; and an occasional throwaway vote may be needed.  He'll need something to show the rightish/centrists that he isn't Barbara Boxer (or whoever the right wing tags as the left wing horribilis-of-the-day).  Yeah, I know that this is somewhat of a copout, but better an electable Tester than some unthinkable trogladite like Rehberg as our senator.  Mr. Maloutsis may support a better person in the primary, but he better step up when the general comes around in November, 2012.  The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

It was a freebie....Didn't matter anyway (0.00 / 0)
The truth is that Tester's vote was a freebie. The GOP was never going to allow it to become law. Tester saw the opportunity to get a free purple state vote and he took it. Not unusual for a pol. Marcus ought to know that. It would be a different story if Testers vote really made a difference.

Matt and the others who object to Tester's wilderness bill have a better case. I'm not sure where I come down on that, but like Max with health care...this is a biggie.

I felt Max betrayed us when he unilaterally took single payer of the table and then killed the public option. I think the latter was a bit of a ruse, but single payer was the real deal. No surprise that the health care bill is a failure because it was written by and for the insurance industry. Health care costs are exploding.

Max needs to come home. He's not using his seniority to benefit Montana. I still have some hope for Tester.

Doug Coffin

Agreed - and as for the far left (0.00 / 0)
They are less than 10% of the D vote in Montana anyway.  So a double freebie.

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