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Barack Obama
"Lincoln Sells Out Slaves"
by: Rob Kailey - Sep 13
If You Haven't Seen This
by: Rob Kailey - Apr 28
Impeach the President?
by: Rob Kailey - Mar 16
It's the system, stupid!
by: Jay Stevens - Oct 24


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Rob Kailey is a working schmuck with no ties or affiliations to any governmental or political organizations, save those of sympathy.

"Fair and Balanced" is supposedly a good thing?

by: Rob Kailey

Thu Aug 25, 2011 at 16:54:45 PM MST

I don't disagree with Pogie on very much at all.  Yet, today I find myself in that very unenviable position.

Jenna Cederberg of the Missoulian penned an article about the newest darling of the Montana online right, Treasure State Politics. (Sorry, Andy.)  Pogie posted on the Twitter that he was uncomfortable with the fact that Jenna did not also mention, promote or show the opposition to TSP being the liberal Montana Missoula blogs, most notably 4 & 20.

Pogie tweets:

Just wondering if the @missoulian has ever written a feature about its good local blog?

The "good" is questionable, but obviously the Missoulian did write a feature about a local blog.

Pogie continues:

@jennacederberg Confused about your story today about TSP. Seems odd not to mention a single liberal Missoula blog in the piece.

Why?  The opposition to TSP is not in Missoula.  It's made very clear in the article that TSP stands in opposition to the Montana Cowgirl Blog.  Only in the FOX-newsian sense would it make any difference to set a false opposition between TSP and 4 & 20 Blackbirds, or other Missoula blog.

When Jenna asked if Pogie was confused or disappointed, Pogie's response was:

@jennacederberg Maybe I'll settle on surprised. :) 4and20 blackbirds, which is also local to MSO, has so much more traffic and influence.

The traffic part remains open to question, and completely beside the point.  That reminds me of all the arguments had in the Montana online about how most comments means most traffic and import, all of which is really kind of crap.  The influence part is actually significant, but it was dealt with in the article itself:

"In Montana it's very difficult (to keep a conservative blog) because we have blogs like Montana Cowgirl," James said. That anonymously written blog has previously been traced to the Capitol complex computer system, but the governor's office has denied any knowledge of the blogger's identity.

"I mean, how do you compete with insider information by the people that are making the information?" James said. "I think that the true answer to that was that (conservative information on blogs) just wasn't articulated in a manner people wanted to read. I didn't think the arguments had enough beef behind it."

Notice a couple of things.  Jenna supports a narrative that has yet to be proven, and still points to the actual opposition that James is concerned about.  Any call for 'fair and balanced' coverage of blogging that mentions 4 & 20 Black birds' is kind of silly in the venue of which this column is written in.

Let's be clear about a couple of things.  It's not "web log".  It's weblog.  An article about a wingnut blog does not require discussion of every other blog in the same local.  Pointing out that the Montana Cowgirl blog is run anonymously does not favor mention of 4 & 20 Blackbirds when most of those folk also blog anonymously.  They just haven't had the press crawl up their ass quite as much.  "Influence" among bloggers is always open to question, until someone comes up with a metric by which it can be measured.  

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Shameless Scolds - Updated

by: Rob Kailey

Tue May 03, 2011 at 15:00:47 PM MST

Well, what can be learned from the Internets today folks?

We've learned that the War on Terror continues, that al-Qaeda remains a threat and that airport security will remain onerous.  There is only response to such revelations.  All thanks to Captain Obvious and his reality rangers everywhere.  The killing of bin Laden can change many things emotional, but in practical terms not much has changed at all.  Being something of a stickler for owning what you profess, I wonder why the people so eager to tell us these things felt that most of us didn't already know them.  Wasn't the President on TV saying these very same things?

We have learned that we lost the War on Terror, and that Osama bin Laden won the war in death.  See, funny thing that. He's dead, and if you're reading this, you aren't.  I wouldn't even try to argue against the idea that our country has taken a radical turn for the worse since Osama's plan came to fruition.  In fact, many of the arguments Balko makes, I've made before.  Many many of us have.  But exactly how does that mean that bin Laden won, especially in light of the fact there are so many of us being reminded the war (whatever the hell that is at this point) isn't over?  Yes, we put an idiot and a greedy bloodsucker in control of the country, and they fell right into bin Laden's 'trap'.  The idiot is still an idiot, and the bloodsucker is now a remarkably powerless cyborg, and neither of them are in control of our destiny.  They damaged our nation, one whole helluva lot, in accordance with bin Laden's wishes.  Fine.  But the country is still here, isn't it?  You're still here, aren't you?  The Constitution has yet to be burned on the White House lawn, unless I missed the reality show event of the year.  Osama didn't win, except to those eager to say he did.  (I guess that's cool dude cred to say so.)  bin Laden took a couple of bullets to the left side of his head, and he's dead now.  Where we go from here is not up to him.  It's up to us, just as Radley felt the dire need to point out that it was up to us all along.

So what else have we learned from the 'Tubes today?  Well, we've learned that torture works, and we should assume the fetal position of shame.  Oh wait, we didn't learn that at all.  We should have learned that standard interrogation works.  At least we would learn that, if only the extreme right and the extreme left would follow facts instead of whatever agenda they're flogging at the time.

Now here's a factoid learned from the web-o-tubes today that actually feels good.  With bin Laden's demise, people are actually noticing that we shouldn't be in Afghanistan anymore.  Ya' think?  The White House has said that the timetable is still for a draw down of troops in July of this year.  That's a whole 2 months away.  How long can they drag this out? ...  If the death of bin Laden facilitates or accelerates that timetable, I am all for it.  I'm certain most of us are.  The long and short of it is this:  Obama accomplished in 2 years what the idiot son of an asshole couldn't and wouldn't do in 7.  Now is the time to leave Afghanistan.

But finally, we learn from the feet of the King of Scolds.  Shorter Glenn Greenwald:

You indecent vulgar barbarians behave in ways that nauseate me.  ~pshaw~  Take me unto the fainting couch, oh my ...

I won't link to the Montana websites that promote the same twaddle, but the message is clear.  There is a litmus test for 'decent', according to Greenwald, and we all fail because we don't accept his teacher's edition of the grading sheet.

It's already a Litmus Test event: all Decent People -- by definition -- express unadulterated ecstacy at his death, and all Good Americans chant "USA! USA!" in a celebration of this proof of our national greatness and Goodness (and that of our President). Nothing that deviates from that emotional script will be heard, other than by those on the lookout for heretics to hold up and punish.

Notice that the WATB Glennzilla (his supporters call him that) already covers his ass in the sympathetic woe that someone might disagree with him.

No Glenn, we hear you. We just think you're full of it.  A lot of us think you're full of it.  It isn't a matter of thinking you a heretic or that you hate America.  It's that you have little more than disdain and spite for Americans.  It is somewhat sad how many are willing to follow Greenwald into rather stupid condescension directed towards their fellow folk.  This kind, the Greenwald kind, of nanny scolding is no different from the talibangenical religious right.  The message is the same.  You are sinful and unworthy lest you pay homage to the one true path of decency.

If people want to swing from lampposts or shoot off fireworks at the death of a monster, who should really care?  I don't.  Most of us don't.  The sun will rise in the morning and most of the predictions coming from Greenwald and Sirota will be proven full of crap, not that the 'progressive left' will notice.  The American people are not bloodlusted up and turning to cannibalism against our own.  Ultimately, what we should learn from the Internets today is that Osama bin Laden is dead, and life goes on.  Some will celebrate, and more power to them.  Some will doubt, some will mourn and some will just nod in agreement or otherwise.  There is no prescribed reaction to this event, save among the extreme left and the extreme right.


1)  The best response possible to Glenn Greenwald is written by Steve M at No More Mr. Nice Blog.

I Love Being Reduced To A Cultural Stereotype By Glenn Greenwald.

2)  And, speaking of being reduced to a stereotype by the unthinking demagogue, Lizard at 4 & 20 Nannies projects his own behavior, virtually a habit for them anymore.  Having perused this post and not found what he looked for, he made it up out of straw men and regurgitated it to his chirping minions:

But as some fragile-minded people begin their smearing of anyone who dares to be skeptical about what went down,

Notice, please, that there isn't one thing in this post that smears people in anyway for being "skeptical" about the events of Sunday night, or the initial reports of them.  More power to those folk, if that's what trips their trigger.  This post, the one that actually exists outside of Lizard's head, actually chides people like him for telling others what they must feel, think and believe about the events of Sunday night in Pakistan, the death of Osama bin Laden.  Apparently, to Liz, facts only matter when you can make them up without anyone else noticing.  That strikes me as a lot more Michelle Malkin than it is Noam Chomsky.  (I give Lizard credit for being disingenuous as opposed to just not understanding clearly written English.  Is that bad?)  

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This Is Left In The West

by: Rob Kailey

Fri Apr 15, 2011 at 14:39:18 PM MST

Please notice the message in the picture up top.  At least 3 people have asked me to change the message to be more 'progressive' friendly.  I'm telling you all now.  The answer is no.  This is the Views From Dry Land Democrats.  If'n y'all don't like that, then too damned bad.  Go elsewhere, because I really don't care at this point.  Both Jay and Matt exhibited their weariness at the whole Firebagger bullshit.  I've spent the last several days feeling the same weariness.

If you don't want to participate here, then leave.  No one needs to hear your formal declaration of leaving, you pompous asses; that is, save you.  Yes, I'm absolutely certain that the departure of pompous left wing assholes will kill the website, (except that traffic has been well up over the last period of conflict).  In truth, I don't care if it does.  It isn't my website; I'm just the guy trying to run it.

Here's the dealio.  Democrats still have value.  I like Jon Tester, even more for taking action on wolf control dictated by the judiciary.  Don't like that?  Tough shit.  Leave.  I like Barrack Obama.  I think he called out the Republicans and has played them very well.  Don't like that?  Tough shit.  Leave.  Seriously.  You don't like Democrats?  Leave, assholes.

This is the only website in Montana that allows diaries.  The last three have been left by wingnuts, and I'm not seeing a whole lot of difference between those and the ones left by the "left".  Obama sucks, for sure.

This website may die without the self-important input from "the real left".  I really don't care.  I almost favor that at this point.  But don't assume that you know what I think or believe.  Don't assume that you control what happens here because you are such a "progressive".  This is Left in the West.  This is and will remain a Democratic favoring website.  If that's too scawy for you, then leave.  And we'll get on with our business.  

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Poll Review, and New Poll

by: Rob Kailey

Tue Mar 22, 2011 at 16:41:30 PM MST

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to review the last quarter's poll results.  I would save this for the end of March, but quite seriously, my day-job is approaching the end of the fiscal year, and you'd likely be surprised how enslaved that makes me.  So, here we go.

Given the choices before Congress, what would you do best for America regarding tax reform?

* Extend tax cuts for those earning below $250,000 - 9 votes (52.94%)
* Let Bush Tax cuts expire completely. - 5 votes (29.41%)
* Flat Tax. - 2 votes (11.76%)
* Extend all Bush tax cuts. - 1 votes (5.88%)
* No Taxes, no time. - 0 votes (0%)

I confess.  I was one who voted for letting the tax cuts expire completely.  See, I kind of believe that BS about "shared sacrifice".  There are two ways to help balance a budget.  Raise revenue (which I have great faith in) or decrease spending.  What will heretofore be known to me as the Blackmail Compromise, our government chose the latter and simply can't follow through. They won't be able to.  Extend all tax cuts, which did actually garner one vote, simply put a higher burden on the poorest of Americans (which to be honest I think was outrageously overstated, but true nonetheless.) Still, most readers who voted agree that we must raise revenue. That is not all that irrational.

* Cats - 5 votes (41.67%)
* Dogs and Cats - 3 votes (25%)
* Dogs - 2 votes (16.67%)
* Birds - 1 votes (8.33%)
* Ligers - 1 votes (8.33%)
* Fish - 0 votes (0%)
* Ferrets - 0 votes (0%)

WTF?  A bunch of cat lovers?  Seriously?  I went Dogs and cats, but let's get real.  My cat is  a terrorist.  That's no lie.  Dogs rule, and cats just contemplate your murder.  Let's at least be honest about that.  ~Heh~

* They both sucked , but 2011 will be even worse. - 5 votes (31.25%)
* They both sucked, but 2011 will be awesome! - 4 votes (25%)
* Nothing ever changes. Woe is us. - 2 votes (12.5%)
* 2010 was better than 2009. 2011? - 2 votes (12.5%)
* 2009 was better than 2010. 2011? - 2 votes (12.5%)
* Nothing ever changes and I'm cool with that. - 1 votes (6.25%)

Personally, this one was terribly intriguing.  Though the SoapBlox software doesn't allow for such, this poll demanded comment.  25% of you are uncertain of the future, 25% are optimistic, and 31% are doomed and gloomed.  I'm going to repost something similar after the end of the normal legislative session, knowing that we will have a "special session".

The Wackiest Proposal from the wacky in the Montana Legislature

You can look up the results, but it dawns on me that this poll was pointless until all is said and done.

Where are you getting your news of the 2011 MT. Legislature?
* Blogs - 17 votes (42.5%)
* Newspapers - 6 votes (15%)
* Twitter - 6 votes (15%)
* I'm there MAN! In Helena! I'm in the Sh**! - 4 votes (10%)
* Word of mouth (watercooler talk) - 3 votes (7.5%)
* TV News - 2 votes (5%)
* Facebook - 2 votes (5%)

23 voters delivered 40 votes.  That suggests, though it is not certain, that most people voted for 2 options.  I have to admit that I was surprised that fishwrap equaled Twitter.  I am happy for the blogs, especially Intelligent Discontent, 4 & 20 Blackbirds, Montanafesto, and Montana Cowgirl.  They have all been doing a stellar job of presenting the ugly.  Unlike most of our rightward brethren, or the local TV news, they have been on the money in presenting the Montana legislature.

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